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Public Safety 

Public Safety is the most important issue in District 1 and the City.  Two years ago I voted to amend the Mayor's budget and add police.  The last budget, we again added police, but we are still catching up.  We need more police in our neighborhoods!

  • I will continue to push for more officers in future budgets - even
    when it isn't as politically popular.

  • I co-sponsored a resolution to keep neighborhood officers - a great

  • I voted to accelerate the new far west fire station

  • We need staffing levels that allow our officers more time for
    traffic enforcement and routine patrol.

  • I pledge to you that public safety will remain my highest priority,
    as it should be for any city government.

Taxes, Borrowing, and Spending 

High property taxes don't just affect property owners.  They affect renters, businesses and especially young families and people on fixed incomes.  We can't afford taxes that rise faster than our incomes.  I will:

  • Continue to fight at budget time for prioritizing of spending and
    holding the line on tax increases

  • Continue to resist the explosion we have seen in city borrowing that
    saddles future budgets with more spending.

  • Tax Incremental Financing should be used sparingly and only for
    truly blighted or depressed areas.  No more handouts for high end condo

Priorities of City Government

Too often our city leaders think their job is to be a crusader for an ideological agenda.  I think there are solutions that appeal to our city's progressive values but don't take risks with our future.

  • Make Madison a place that attracts businesses and entrepreneurs.

  • Make well considered choices about our transportation system.  Why
    create a streetcar system when we have a bus system that is great but full
    of potential to be better? 

  • Our housing programs should focus on the truly needy, not create
    expensive, risky, and ineffective mandates on the whole housing industry

  • Focus on quality of life:  Expanding bike paths, maintaining the parks, and
    improving basic services.

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